Sterling Hayman, Managing Partner

Amateur storm chaser, professional customer at Capitol Pub.

Sterling has been on the Dallas ad scene for more than 20 years, leading account service and strategy departments at TracyLocke for almost a decade. Previous, he’s held various leadership roles at Splash Media, DDB Needham and Publicis. Now, as a founder of Recreation, Sterling lives to play Devil’s Advocate with his team and one day resolve the shortcomings of an industry he loves.

Rob Howe, Managing Partner

Former professional athlete. Podcaster. Type-1 Diabetic. Tall.

Rob Howe's life is a constant competition to outdo his younger self. His commitment to staying a renaissance man has him wearing many hats: entrepreneur, strategist, creator, learner, comedian, photographer and family man. After spending the first 10 years of his career as a strategist on the client and agency side, he co-founded Recreation Dallas with Sterling Hayman in 2017. He lives in Dallas with his girlfriend Erica and their dogs Rowan & Enzo and his cat Michael.

Katie Kitchens, Creative Director

Unusually lucky, which is how we feel about having her.

Nothing beats seeing Katie light up at the prospect of evolving a brand. With over a decade of graphic design and branding experience under her belt, our Kansas-native, creative director got her start at Hallmark and later honed her craft at two of Dallas’ top design agencies, receiving industry awards and having work published along the way. As if she wasn’t already the best at guiding those around her, Katie also serves on the board for The Dallas Society of Visual Communications, and is an adjunct professor of design and branding at Texas A&M University Commerce.

Ashley Doyle Parnell, Media Director

Not a hugger, but loves a good compliment.

Ashley has held various media positions in her 10 years in the Dallas community — most recently as Director of Paid Media at Splash Media before becoming a founding member of Recreation.

Trent Johnson, Account Director

Can’t ride a bike, but we know he’d plan you the best route for a ride.

Trent brings a much-needed injection of level headedness to Recreation, one that only comes from managing large staffs and an infinite amount of projects from his time at The Promotion Network where he oversaw account teams for various brands, including 7-Eleven. His wealth of agency experience is invaluable to us, and he’s probably sending us a calendar invite for future work as we speak.

Andrew Plock, Social Strategist / Copywriter

Can recreate any sound effect using only his mouth.

Andrew has spent the past decade working with words — journalist, editor, marketer, copywriter — and throughout that time he’s absorbed countless brands, industries and life experiences that drive his ability to connect with people through his work. In his spare time, he writes reviews for Google with no hopes of being rewarded for it, regularly performs improv and sketch comedy and embarrasses his wife, son and dog with his impressions and character voices.

Alex Flores, Designer

Can’t smell, loves estate sales and is more methodical than you could ever hope to be.

Alex spent his formative years in Fort Worth telling tall tales and learning to draw them. He earned his B.F.A. in Visual Communication from Texas A&M University-Commerce after realizing he has a passion for solving complex problems visually with a compelling story. He now calls Recreation his home when he is not biking or searching for old treasure at estate sales.

Autumn Heckard, Junior Designer

Able to crochet almost anything you want.

Autumn is our Cali-born, Texas-filtered design intern and resident young person. Outside of making bomb creative for clients, she reminds us daily that no one says “bomb” anymore and regularly keeps us updated on new words we should be adding into our lexicon. Autumn is a recent Fine Arts graduate of A&M - Commerce, a lover of everything from EDM to old R ‘n B and — thankfully, yet sometimes brutally — cannot lie. We love her for that. Oh, and this bio slaps!

Casey Reid, Photographer / Videographer

Implements a pun into literally any conversation.

Casey is a renaissance man if there ever was one; there’s nothing he won’t attempt to learn. He’s an artist with an endless desire for learning wrapped in a type "A" personality. Which affords him the ability to produce high-quality photography and video production at a small or larger scale for our clients. And when the day comes that a client needs a fully mastered album, Casey can play every instrument and master it for them.