Understanding Social and Digital

You’re a CEO. Or a VP of Marketing. Or a leader in your organization. You’re starting to invest more in social and digital media because you know you’re supposed to. But you have no idea why. And no clue what to expect from it.

How much should you spend? Can it deliver an ROI? Is it worth shifting dollars from other marketing tactics that you’re more comfortable with?

Today’s leaders are increasingly expected to lead their organizations through a digital revolution, where consumers’ brand affinities and purchasing decisions are being driven by technology. Yet many executives are clueless about the fundamentals of how social and digital work because they’re too busy running the business. And they struggle to translate these platforms to a return on investment (sales). That’s why we’ve developed a thorough, yet easy-to-understand training program specifically designed for executives and senior-level marketing professionals.

Our goal is to demystify the social and digital world, so that you can better understand what social and digital can and can’t do for your business. We’ll provide you with a foundational knowledge of how it all works, where it’s going, what it costs and how you should treat it as part of an overall marketing strategy.


Which segments of your consumers are using which social and digital platforms, and for what purposes?

Not every brand should be on every platform. Most shouldn’t be. With new social platforms emerging all the time, the tendency is for brands to try to be on them all. We'll help you prioritize platforms based on relevance and ROI to ensure that your marketing dollars and resources aren't spread too thin.

How your brand can connect to consumers via social and digital in ways that deliver ROI

If you’re primarily worried about “likes” and community size, you need a reset. Far too many brands have set illogical KPIs to determine whether or not social and digital are "working." We'll show you what measurements you SHOULD be looking at, and why they more accurately depict return on investment.

How to staff your organization effectively to meet the needs of a more digital and social consumer

Many organizations ineffectively assign this responsibility to the wrong resource(s). How should you adequately support social and digital? All agency? All internal? A combination of both agency and internal? We'll help you identify how to most efficiently and effectively support your digital and social.

How you can (and should) build and leverage your own personal brand on social media

Socially active leaders can enhance a company’s reputation and increase brand relevance. But what does that mean and what does that require of you? We'll teach you how to build, manage and support an executive social presence for you and your brand, and show how you can help your brand.

How can you ensure your organization stays relevant and your strategy can adapt in the future?

Just when you think you’ve figured it out, you’ve only scratched the surface. Consumers and their habits are changing daily, and brands who keep up with those changes will be most relevant. We can help you determine how best your company can stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the consumer.

Executive Play Book: What to Expect

  • Survey key stakeholder(s) to determine current social and digital knowledge / identify key areas of interest
  • Evaluate current brand presence on social and digital platforms
  • Review competitors’ social and digital platforms
  • Conduct social and digital brand audit
  • Provide recommendations and best practices according to industry standards
  • Provide insights and recommendations based on existing website and social data
  • SWOT analysis of staff, social platforms, website & content mix
  • Create custom curriculum specifically designed to meet executive(s) needs
  • Conduct in-person training sessions (on or offsite)