Meet Recreation

Meet Recreation. We are a full-service, boutique agency that was created in response to the realization that most agencies suck. And more often than not, clients ultimately end up hating their agencies. Why? They’re too slow. They’re often bloated. Clients sign up for the A Team, but eventually get handed down to the C Team to increase margins. And more frustrating, clients often end up getting caught in long-term commitments to teams that ultimately find it easier to just “give the Client what they want.” Oh, and lack of accountability regarding results and ROI is an entirely different story.

So in 2016, Rob Howe and Sterling Hayman started Recreation. With one mission. Be a better agency that clients like working with, and form partnerships that Clients never question, but instead generally value. No assholes. No egos. Just creative, curious, passionate and dedicated people who love what they do and thrive off solving problems with work that works.

We’re a tight-knit team of 15 savants who are discipline agnostic, but are focused on an increasingly digital-first world. We do it all, from traditional TV and radio, to websites and social media campaigns. Whatever gets consumers to love and support our clients’ products and services.

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American Airlines Cargo


Ace Cash Express

Homemade Brand Ice Cream



Herman Marshall Whiskey

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