Patients Are Still Customers

At Recreation, we believe that healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing tends to forget that patients are customers first, and demand user experiences that align with the consumer brands they interact with on a daily basis. Patients don’t understand what phrases like “Better Outcomes” mean for them, so we do our best to meet patients where they are, with a relatable customer experience they can understand.

Brands We've Worked With

Patient Voices

As a patient ambassador for people with Diabetes. Rob’s experience as a healthcare marketer and a healthcare influencer give Recreation a distinct advantage when designing patient campaigns using influencers. Providing access to patients via the peer influencers they have already opted into gives healthcare brands a chance to be more human while still maintaining compliance and regulatory standards. 

Compliance And Regulatory

While we don’t consider ourselves a Pharma or Healthcare agency, we are well-versed in compliance and regulatory across pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospitals, urgent care and financial marketing campaigns. Our creative and strategic processes ensure that non-compliance is a non-factor in your ad campaigns.