Homemade Brand Ice Cream // “Made to Share”

// The Brief

Promote Homemade Brand Ice Cream’s shareability.

// The Solution

With competitors entering the Homemade Brand market, we needed to put a stake in the ground beyond the obvious “ice cream tastes good” angle. We created a multimedia campaign that brought the “Made to Share” tagline to life in a way that created an emotional reaction from the brand (not just TO the brand). According to our Video Completion Rates, Moms – our primary target – were convinced:

    • Facebook: 89% VCR (industry average is 30%)
    • Connected TV: 99% VCR (industry average is 89%)
    • Online video: 91% (industry average is 80%)

As part of a multimedia campaign leveraging moments that are “Made to Share,” we maximized our time on set by

creating a library of still photography assets.

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